Tomorrow starts a new month, so here a new bucketlist.
I've got 28 bucketlist items for February. For each day one. I hope y'all can do something with this :-).

1. Try sushi.
asian, bucket, and do it image fish, food, and good image
2. Plant a tree.
goals, places, and travel image Image by ÑèëÑÄ
3. Learn a card trick.
cars, Dream, and life image love and cards image
4. Try archery.
archery and bucket list image arrow, archery, and aesthetic image
5. Try vodka.
drink, vodka, and alcohol image Mature image
6. Make homemade pasta.
food, pasta, and tumblr image cooking, dish, and eat image
7. Finish a wreck this journal.
wreck this journal, before i die, and book image alphabet, art, and art journal image
8. Read the maze runner series.
book, maze runner, and the maze runner image book, coffee, and tumblr image
9. Visit a trampoline park.
bucket list, trampoline, and before i die image entertainment, sports, and health and fitness image
10. Jump in a foam pit.
before i die, nature, and quotes image foam, friendship, and little image
11. Learn how to skate.
skate, fun, and learn image love, couple, and grunge image
12. Spend a day devoded to reading.
beforeidie, girly, and bucketlist image Image removed
13. Learn how to box.
bucket list, before i die, and box image box, boxing, and fitness image
14. Own a penny board.
purple, summer, and penny board image backpack, surf, and sweatshirt image
15. Have a pillow fight.
100 things to do in life, 90, and pillow image Image by Harley Quinn
16. Learn how to draw.
draw, 59, and 100 things to do in life image art, eyes, and drawing image
17. Stop being lazy.
art, bed, and boy image bed, Lazy, and girl image
18. Have the perfect eyebrows.
eyebrows, girl, and girly image makeup, eyeliner, and eyebrows image
19. Have a Valentine.
bucket list image love, heart, and balloons image
20. Own something from Tiffany&Co
bucket list, tiffany, and tiffany & co image fashion, shoes, and luxury image
21. Be able to do the splits.
split, bucket list, and bucketlistforgirls image girl, summer, and yoga image
22. Learn how to meditate.
beforeidie, girly, and bucketlist image blonde, daylight, and girl image
23. Ombre my hair.
beautiful, beauty, and blonde image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
24. Make a homemade pizza.
beautiful, beauty, and boho image cheese, food, and homemade image
25. Give flowers to my mother.
art, beautiful, and boy image girl, style, and flowers image
26. Try Tennis.
sport, summer, and teenager image tennis and paula kania image
27. Going bowling.
bowling image blackbear image
28. Take a bath by candlelight.
bath, beforeidie, and romantic image candle, bathroom, and bath image

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