♡ vital stats
name ; ellie-mae
nicknames ; ellie, el, bub
birthday ; jan 13
place of birth ; australia
star sign ; capricorn
occupation ; part time at a store

constellation, drawing, and capricorn image art, Halloween, and capricorn image

♡ appearance
hair colour ; dark brown
hair length ; middle
eye colour ; green & blue
best feature ; eyes/eyelashes, lips, freckles
braces ; nope
piercings ; none
tattoos ; soon :-)
righty or lefty ; righty

hair, flowers, and beauty image rainbow, eyes, and eye image

♡ firsts
best friend ; shae :~)
award ; some trophy from a dance eisteddfod, i believe
sport ; dancing or tennis, can't quite remember ahaha
real holiday ; trip to melbourne
concert ; one direction :'-)

buildings, city, and melbourne image ballons, concert, and portugal image

♡ favourites
film ; at the moment, it's call me by your name
tv show ; brooklyn nine nine
colour ; pastels & beiges
song ; 'art is dead' by bo burnham
book ; 'carry on' by rainbow rowell
magazine ; frankie
shoes ; doc martens

Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image

♡ currently
feeling ; tired
single or taken ; single
eating ; donut
listening to ; 'i want to write you a song' by one direction
thinking about ; collecting more materials for my college classes
wearing ; someone to cuddle ngl ;-;

i, want, and write image donuts, food, and chocolate image

♡ future
want children ; not sure, by adoption if i decide to
want to be married ; yes
careers in mind ; forensic biologist or anything to do with fashion and/or photography
where do you want to live ; england, melbourne or japan

white, magazine, and tumblr image city, flowers, and travel image

♡ do you believe in ...
god ; no
miracles ; sure
love at first sight ; yes
ghosts ; yes
aliens ; yes
soulmates ; yes
heaven ; no
hell ; no
kissing on the first date ; yes
yourself ; eeehhhhhh

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hope you all enjoyed! expect to see more tags later on in the future :~)

thank you for reading! :-)

lots of love,
- ellie-mae xx

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blog - quirkybutnotcool.blogspot.com
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