Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well. ^^

I decided to start the 30 days writing challange. I was inspired from all of you who took up the glove and did the challange. (:

So, this is day 1 - time to introduce myself. ~

My name is Gabriella and I am 20. I'm from Bulgaria, currently I live in the capitol - Sofia. I live with my mom, she is the best person in the world!

I study Cinema and Television in New Bulgarian University and this is the thing I want to do my whole life - to create art and to make movies.

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My closest friends... are my everything. They are like little miracles that happened in my life in a different time and I am so grateful that they are here. (:

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My boyfriend is amazing. There are no words with which I can describe how kind and loving he is. He's like a gift. ^^

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I love writing - poems, tales, stories, scenarios... Everything! Creating your own universe of characters and their storylines... As well as reading. Its like you have been taken to whole another world, full with magic and love and kindness, or with wars, supernatural creatures and heroes. Every book is like a different life.

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I also love long walks with nice chats. I adore travelling and seeing new places.

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I am not shy. I am a really opened person, who wants to learn new things and to meet new people. However, I do not trust easly. I am really cheerful and try to be as possitive as possible. I always look forward, seeking happiness and success in the things I have started.

My spirit animal is wolf, the beautiful and strong wolf.

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I also always wanted to have a dog, and I have promised myself that one day I'll get myself one. Probably from a shelter, because all of the animals there need to be loved and cared for. ^^

Aaand... I think that summarizes me. I am woven from art and ideas.

Thanks for reading. xx
Hope you liked it ~
Gabbie 31.01.2018