30 more days have passed since this year, but I feel it's been like two.

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It terrifies me, but it teaches me that I must live every day to the fullest. Every day I am full of courage, of perseverance, to have happiness. I always thought that I had to succeed, to have happiness in my life and eventually realized that I did not. Happiness in my life, that's why my greatest goal in my life is to be happy, that's the way to success; THAT' S WHY I LEAVE MY ERRORS, MY DEMONS, MY FEARS; I FORGIVE ALL THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE TO ME AND NOW THEY WILL ONLY HURT ME WHEN I GIVE THEM PERMISSION " WHOEVER ANGERS YOU, DOMINATES YOUR MIND".
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Every morning for me to wake up is a blessing, because it's a new opportunity to build my happiness and because I know it's never too late to start from scratch.