I met you last year in Italy.
it was summertime and you came to our house as a visitor.
I got used to visitors that coming to our house every summer, but this time was different, you were different, I was different.

You were taller then me,blonde and smart.
I could spend hours listen to you talking when my head on your legs and you stroking my hair.

My summers were quiet and simple
because the house was in a small-town and there is not much to do there.
so I Transcribed music, Read or Swam.
sometimes alone, sometimes with others.

I remember us heading down to the rocks for a swim.
your short short swimsuit that left no place for imagination.
I remember you lying on the grass with your dark sunglasses when the rays of the sun hitting your face.
I looked at you,infact, I stared at you
and I didn't care if you knew that.

i'm not ashamed of that
because I'm admire you
admire everything you doing

there is no piece of your body I didn't like.
I LOVED you, I still LOVE you, I'll always LOVE you.

I mean, everybody loves oliver so I grew to like him too then, within days, I would learned to hate him.
hate the fact that I fell in love with him so fast, so hard,that I was unable to stop.

Suddenly 6 weeks weren't long enough.
not long enough time for me to discover his body, I still didn't find all, still didn't touch all the parts in your body.
I want more. more of you.
I want you to touch me, softly or powerfully.
I don't care
as long as you with me.
more hidding kisses, late night conversations, city trips with you while riding our bikes, or jogging , or holding hands like just we on the street.
just we in the world.
you and I.

and one day
we'll meet on the street.
one day you'll look at me again and I hope that I'll not see to you as a stranger
that you'll still remember me, remember us, remember our summer in Italy, remember Rome.
I know i'll remember you.