Have you thought about what time you began to give your emotions and moods to another person? Many times we believe we have control of our mind and heart when we've lost it, to the point of being almost impossible to recover it. The most curious thing is that you can't blame anyone because is your fault. Remmeber that you were born alone, you grew up being happy discovering the world by yourself, you learned to get up every time you ran and fell, even you were ashamed to be seen cry.

Why everything changed? A person arrived to mess up your life, someone who erased how a piece of eraser to that person who for years you drew. He changed your constant mood for an intermittent one, took you for a ride on a roller coaster that has no end, change your smile for a couple of tears when he wants and you just settle in let them dry over time.

Your brave and happy heart, which enjoyed the simple things, has been locked in a cocoon in which he does not want to let anyone else in and does not let out what is slowly poisoning him. It's time to live as before, it's a rocky road with many obstacles, you will feel that your chest refuses to let go of the pressure in which it remains and you will feel a lump in your throat every time you remember it. But, everything will disappear with the time, with the chance that you give yourself to be happy and feel indestructible.

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