hey guys, here are some of my favorite songs in alphabetical order ;)

A- Alone Bazzi
B- Best Friend Rex Orange County
C- Coffee & Cigarettes Vic Mensa
D- Die Trying Michl
E- Easily Bruno Major
F- Finesse Bruno Mars

blue, quotes, and sky image quotes, blue, and red image red, aesthetic, and blue image red, aesthetic, and tumblr image

G- Good Girls LANY
H- Hold Me Down Daniel Caesar
I- Is There Somewhere Halsey
J- Juke Jam Chance the Rapper
K- Kiwi Harry Styles
L- Lost Frank Ocean

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M- Morning Marc E. Bassy
O- Only You Selena Gomez
P- Party Favor Billie Eilish
Q- Quit Cashemere Cat
R- Rockin The Weeknd

tattoo, art, and body image aesthetic, bambi, and yellow bambi image tattoo, art, and grunge image aesthetic, bambi, and yellow bambi image

S- Supernova Ansel Elgort
T- The Weekend SZA
U- UGH! The 1975
V- Valley Girls Blackbear
W- We Just Haven't Met Yet Russ
X- XXX Kendrick Lamar
Y- You Get Me So High The Neighbourhood
Z- Zombies Childish Gambino

the end guys! hope you enjoyed and maybe found some new songs ;)