Hey, you!

So, I'm new in this. I've always used this website to look for pics, quotes, some diy to do, basically... everything, because i just love this website too much. But this new thing, is new to me.
I saw some articles and one of them was this "30 Day Challenge" and I said "Why not? Lets do it!" So here I am, trying to do my first article, I hope you like it and follow me. Lets start!

Day 1 is to list 20 facts about myself

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1- My name is Ornela

2- I'm from Argentina

3- I'm a 21 years old girl

4- My birthday is on February

5- I still living with my parents, which is horrible, but its better than be a homeless, or not?

6- I have a little brother. His name's Lionel. Yep, like Lionel Messi, I chose it, because I really like football and of course, I am a big fan of Messi.

7- I like football but i'm so fucking bad at it, my thing is Handball.

8- I was studing in the T.T.C (Teacher Training College) but i quit it last year, i've never liked it.

9- This year I'm going to start the university, Technique in Hygiene and Safety at work, this is what I like.

10- I'm a little bit shy

11- I love books, music and art.

12- My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran, I really love him way too much, but, who wouldn't? He is just... perfect.

13- I spend most of the time listening to music, my tastes varies. I listen to rock and roll to clasic, k-pop to indie, happy songs to sad covers songs, you see..?

14- I like movies, my favourites are horror movies even though i suffered watching them. But i also like disney movies, or the classic ones like Grease, oh man I love that one.

15- I love anything which have chocolate

16- My lucky numer is 16. It's also the day i was born.

17- I'm single af

18- The stars and the moon fascinates me

19- I got my firts tattoo when I was 19. it's part of a song from All Time Low and its says "Love yourself, so no - one has to"

20- I promise to myself for this new year, to try to love me in evey single way.. wish me luck...

And this is all I got for today, c ya tomorrow, guys


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