Dear The Boy Next Door,

I guess the saying, "3rd times the charm!" really does work. You know the legendary show that everyone loves, with that girl Eleven (Stranger Things)? Well, after 3 times of forcing my self into it I finally succeeded and now I love it! It wasn't really like a force myself to like it kinda thing. I just really wanted to love the show like everyone else since it's such a great show! #NoRagrets

You know I almost flipped out when you actually decided to walk with me to school today. We both walked out of our houses at the same time and you asked me if we could walk together. I obviously said yes and then we walked in silence. I got some courage after a while and I asked you to tell me why you were upset with me and ignored me for like a month.

"I wasn't mad at you. I was mad at myself," You said. You said that you were afraid of making me bad, changing me from, "The sweet innocent girl to a reckless one." I realized you weren't mad, you were scared. Scared to make me go bad. Scared for me. I knew I wouldn't go bad though, but I knew I'd make you good.

Not now, but one day I'll teach you to forget that cigarettes were your only way to heal, to show you that having friends doesn't mean you are something, and last of all- I'd show you how to love.

Not today, maybe not now, but one day I'll win you over.

Love, Me