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"Uh, lately I been feeling so dead in my own skin and it's a problem, I admit it When I look into the mirror, that ain't me, that's someone different Reminiscing, had a vision Getting married, having kids"


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"See I'm a waste of life I should just kill myself Yeah, I could slit my wrists But it really wouldn't help Wouldn't fix my issues Or change your mind Cause I broke your heart And you buried mine Now I'm 6 feet deep and I can't breathe"


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"Too many memories and feelings I'm not down to pack So lately I've been putting all this weight up on my back I know that's never what you wanted dad, but understand We can't afford another heart attack to keep the fam intact It's whatever as long as we stick together"


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"I look at you now and I want this forever I might not deserve it but there's nothing better Don't know how I ever did it all without you My heart is about to, about to jump out of my chest Feelings, they come and they go, that they do Feelings, they come and they go, not with you The late nights and the street lights and the people Look at me girl and the whole world could stop"


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"Why do people do things that be bad for 'em? Say we done with these things, then we ask for 'em When the sun comes down, then we transform Yeah, you can probably bet this By this time tomorrow, I'll probably regret this Try, but it all falls down like Tetris No telling where that 80 proof gets us"

Astrid S

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"Breathe in, breathe out We're chilling, so chill out You're falling to fall out Don't be such a boy"

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