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Today i thought of sharing with you some of the youtubers i truly enjoy watching. I will name them and write a little description of their channels and also, show you some pictures that reminded me of their vibe!

1. Kalyn Nicholson

She is a 23 years old canadian who talks about your everyday struggle. Her videos are more vlog style and sit down talks. It gives a casual feel, and you really feel like you’re talking with a friend. I really enjoy her videos as she touches on topics such as being vegan, adulting, anxiety, motivation, doubting yourself, etc.

hair, girl, and style image Image by ♫♪. Freesia Amalia♫♪ home, decoration, and inspiration image fruit, food, and strawberry image

2. Catcreature (Anabelle)

She’s an art student from CA. Her videos are mainly vlogs showing both the good and the bad about life as a university student. She usually shows some of her projects she’s working on (she’s a textile major) but also her trips around the world (mostly to asia as she is from a chinese family). I really like her cannel, and her videos are so aesthetic!

aesthetics, colors, and vintage image yellow image aesthetic, blue, and colorful image Image removed

3. Jusuf (Jasmin)

I discovered her cannel about two months ago and i’ve been really enjoying her videos so far. She is 18 years old and she is from switzerland. She’s really laid back and seems always so calm, and she somehow is really inspiring. She talks about minimalist lifestyle, her love for plants, how to be productive and more. Despite being so young, she has a really inspiring and mature way of seeing things so, i do really enjoy watching her videos and learning from her.

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4. Jenny Mustard

She makes videos about her lifestyle as a vegan and minimalist swedish woman. I believe she’s very wise and really knows what she is talking about. So i really recommend you check her out!

aesthetic, minimal, and minimalism image bathroom, interior, and minimal image fashion, clothes, and clothing image minimal, minimalism, and minimalist image

That’s it for today! I hope you like at least one of these amazing and inspiring people, they have really changed the way i face my everyday life for the better!

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