Here's a good question: Why is everything so temporary? Situations, people, etc. More specifically, why are some people temporary?

Guess this is just how life works..not everything is meant to work out/last. Maybe it falls under the category of "everything happens for a reason." But what exactly is the reason?

From one perspective, it could be that certain people are sent to our lives in order to teach us a lesson. A lesson about ourselves or whatever the case may be. No matter what the pain still remains because sometimes you can't help but attach yourself or hold on.

I am writing this because everything is so real..and I don't want to lose my current love. I want him to be a forever kind of love.. but sometimes life seems to have other plans.

Life will be what it shall be. One day at a time... that's all we are given. It's not until you meet someone who is too good to be true, too good to let go of that all these fears come to light.

I however believe that we should just enjoy the now. Enjoy your friends, family, etc. Life is short.. things do end.. be grateful for each and every person.

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Sorry for rambling again.

Until next time. Take care <3