Hii, in this article I will talk about the reasons why we should love the beach (obviously not to force anyone, it is more to recognize the beauty of the beach and enjoy it, dont take it wrong) according to me.

Then let's start :)

☼ The ocean, gives you a lot of visual tranquility and listen the waves is a sensation of beautiful freedom. Personally I love the turquoise color in the sea, I fall in love.

☼ The sun, when the sky is clear and sunny, the water crystallizes. Also when the sun is in the sky we feel happier, we have a much more pleasant mood and we can sunbathe ;)

☼ We can read, the fact that there is a lot of noise can distract us or make it more difficult, but being in such a calm environment, with the waves, the smell of sunscreen, good weather, can relax us, make us concentrate in reading and enjoy it more

☼ We can take very creative photos and having the landscape of the sea and the sand, it is much more beautiful and inspiring.

☼ We can walk along the seashore, with sandals in hand and thinking while looking at the sea, it is one of my favorite and relaxing activities.

☼ We can collect snails, it is one of the most typical things to do in beaches, it distracts you a lot and you can find many beautiful diversities of snails.

☼ We can make friends :)

☼ We can play various sports such as volleyball or paddleball, with friends or family.

☼ We can listen to music, sing and dance as if no one was watching.

☼ It is a beautiful destination to spend time, forget our problems and share memories with our loved ones.

☼ We can be free, that is what the sea transmits us, fear but courage, greatness but beauty, calm and freedom.

I hope you liked it, this is my first article and I liked the idea of ​​talking about the beach because it is something that I love so much, kisses vic. ♥