sooo....i thought i'd tell you guys some facts about myself so you can get to know me a little bit more :)

1. my first, middle, and last name start with a d and they all have seven letters (idky i think this is cool)

2. i live in california

3. i am 5'3 1/2 (dont forget the 1/2)

4. i believe in ghosts and aliens

5. i'm terrified of kangaroos (idky i just am)

6. i'm left handed

7. i really want to travel to new orleans

8. i am emotionally attached to the shows supernatural and the vampire diaries

9. i'm a virgo

10. i can read palms

11. i'm trilingual (english,spanish,french)

12. my favorite word is baroque

13. i love to sing and dance

14. i won a spelling bee once in the 4th grade (very proud of that lol)

15. my music taste is all over the place i listen to alternative, some r&b, a little dash of mainstream music, latin music (banda,corridos,cumbia), a little country (don't @ me), and classic rock

16. i do this thing when i rub my hands together when i'm excited

17. my hands shake when i'm nervous

18. i have two dogs and a cat

19. i learned how to ride a bike like really late

20. i collect rocks (like gemstones, not just plain rocks lol)

that's pretty much it, but if you wanna talk to me about any of this stuff bc why not, message me !