hey y'all the hoe is back... -ish ?? i've been ia more than i intended to be but thank you all for still following, luv u guys so much the real mvps uwu 💯

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...and now i'll explain shortly why i was gone for that long. well firstly it's because of my emotional state um things happened that made my emotions fu*cked up so i decided to have some 'me time' ALSO tbh after a point screenshotting&uploading them here felt like a job to me? it became stressful and i literally had zero desire to do it oh and WELL BECAUSE BANGTAN HAD LOTS OF SCHEDULES CAN THEY CALM DOWN PLS I'M STILL TRYING TO CATCH UP.

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lol so it's like that uhh the other reason was i needed to focus on my studies and i was spending way too much time here that i had to delete the app (i apologize for not answering messages sorry 🤧 i didn't think of that what a fool). anyways i'm not gonna make this too long but it's already long isn't it dshskfaldk,,,,

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to sum up i'll be active again i guess? but till all of my exams are done i won't be posting as much as i used to be;( i'll still be hearting pics tho! and maybe will write more articles skdjkdlnxwa who knows👀 after posting this and a bonus pic i'll go to sleep because it's 4am and a hoe is tired+sleepy sooo i'll start hearting things in the morning uwu 🤤 i hope everyone's doing good and thx if you read my babbling till here aaaand i'm sleep 💓

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