Hi guys! Today is a special article for me. I study Beauty and Esthetic in the capital city. Always I wake up very early, at 5:45 a.m and take an hour on public transport to get to the city. If you like makeup as much as I do and you want to study that, do it. But do not think that it will be easy, because keeping everything in order is difficult.

I'm tired of hearing like people without foundation, as you say to me: you're cheating because of wearing a fucking makeup.
This is crazy, I enhance something that is already ours.

You have eyes, lips, eyebrows, everything that genetics has given you, not aesthetics. So, when you see a woman who looks horrible to you and then you look fantastic, think about if someone built their nose and more. Only to enhance what you already have with something that for me is an art and nothing easy.

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Always with you your fav lipstick, my fav lipstick is "LOVECRAFT" the Kat Von D, is a miracle for my lips, but a wear usually a liquid lipstick from NYX, hold more time.
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Basic to have perfect eyes, have a palette with at least 3 shades of brown.
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(this phrase is absolutely right in the world) If you don't wear mascara your make up is unfinished. Nothing more to say. I use a MAC mascara, It's the best mascara I've ever tried.
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Another miracle, the Kat Von D's liner, is so easy make a perfect line to make your eye shape.

This is all, I want write more about the beauty.

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