I am no cosmetologist nor do I have any professional experience with this but these are some tips on how to do your own eyebrows at home!

1. Get The Right Supplies

All I use is an eyebrow brush, tweezers, scissors, and aloe vera. All of these things are necessary in order to do your own brows.

How I Do It:

The first thing that you want to do is to brush out your brow. Make the hairs go in the right direction and try to get them in the shape you want.

Next, visualize how you want it to look. Figure out where you want your brow to start, stop, and the placement of the arch. If you have a hard time deciding, you can use a brow pencil or eyeliner, or even a stencil.

After you have done this, brush the hair up and use your scissors to cut off the excess. Make sure to angle your scissors horizontally and not down because if you angle them down, you could cut too much off. After you do this, brush them down and then cut off the excess there too.

By now your brow should look much better so take your tweezers and start to shape it! Remember: you can always take out more but you can't put it back. I suggest to pull the skin outward from the hair and then pull the hair in the direction it grows for less pain.

Now you can define your arch! Most of the time your eyebrow already has a natural arch that is easily seen so just clean up around the edges and it should be easy.

Now all you have to do is apply a small amount of aloe vera all around the brow, but not too close to the eye!

Finally just repeat to your other brow!

Now, I'm not guaranteeing that this will be painless because anytime you pluck hair it is likely going to hurt, but pulling the skin, tweezing the direction the hair grows, and applying aloe, are all steps to make it a little less painful.

After you read this, it is not my responsibility on what you do. These are my personal opinions from personal experience so it is not my fault if you don't like the way your brows turn out.

That said, good luck at killing the brow game!