1.The King of Fighters

King of Fighters image King of Fighters image King of Fighters image King of Fighters image game, kyo kusanagi, and King of Fighters image King of Fighters, kof, and maxima image


Image by KazutoThesoul band, music, and oliver sykes image visual kei and exist trace image frank iero, gerard way, and mcr image


anime, love, and bleach image barakamon and anime image anime, manga, and me image kuroko no basket image kuroko no basket and akashi seijuro image gin, gintama, and gintoki image


cat, anime, and music image cat, cute, and animal image aesthetic, alternative, and black image animal, cute, and cat image


grunge, skate, and skateboard image grunge, black, and skate image skate, skateboard, and boy image black, boy, and tumblr image


frases image creepypasta, jason the toy maker, and toys image jeff the killer, eyeless jack, and creepypasta image creepypasta, creppypastas, and bloody painter image


moon, sky, and stars image beautiful, moon, and sky image moon, sky, and rainbow image blackandwhite, moon, and sky image

8.Video Games

Dante and devil may cry image Legend of Zelda, link, and majora’s mask image Abusive image pikachu, pokemon, and games image
anime, Ichigo, and kurosaki ichigo image