Happy New Years! It is finally 2018 and I'am ready for anything. Go check out my goals for 2017 article. I would love to know your resolutions/goals so go ahead and message me.

This is gonna be the first article of many in this small series. I will be making separate articles on my favorite things about each season.

snow, winter, and wintertime image


snow, winter, and girl image
Winter is probably my favorite season mostly because of the snow. Snow reminds me of delicacy and purity,

Hot Chocolate

autumn, fall, and fire image
The only things I can say it YUM! :)

Holiday Lights

dog, light, and christmas image
Aw look at the cute doggy! I probably picked this picture because of the doggy :) Ok back to holiday lights, there are so many different colors so the variety is endless. Oh and it's pretty.


Image by Noor
I live in America where Christmas is everywhere and I was surrounded by Christmas lights during December. I may not celebrate Christmas but, I do enjoy the idea of it. I love to look at the decorations and watching Christmas movies with my family. Oh and you can't forget the awesome sales during the Christmas time.