If money is the #1 most important thing in your life, you need to take a step back.Money is not everything.

It doesn't buy happiness.

In my mind money has 3 functions:

1-It allows you to live comfortably: for example you can live in a comfortable house instead of in a box under a bridge.

Image by Runa Heem

2- It allows you to buy things that you can use to improve yourself, like books, audio books ,notebooks, a computer so you can get on the internet, and so on,

coffee, cafe, and laptop image

3- It serves as a distraction.

If i only have #1 and #2, i'am good.

But most people get really caught up on #3, they NEED money so they can buy supercars and new clothes every other week and take girls out on expensive dates and buy expensive things and all that.

You don't need any of that.

Those things are all just distractions.

They can be FUN, but you should recognize them for what they are, and not worry too much about them