He is beautiful.
She can’t help but marvel at the sight of him
Picturesque, perfectly peaceful.
Sitting next to the library window,
White snow shimmering from the sky.
He studies the lyrics and prose of dead poets
And she studies him.
His gentle hands, his wandering eyes.
She aches to immortalize him here,
In a photograph or a masterpiece of ink;
To capture a memento of her heart’s desire.

Their paths once crossed before, and then
She hadn’t been quite so lovesick.
He was new, friendly and shyly afraid
But asked her where the classic literature section was
And if he could get a decent cup of coffee on campus
Her mind had reeled, her chest fluttered
She managed to answer normally just the same
And with a thank you and a smile he was gone
But he stayed in her thoughts for the rest of the day.
Four months passed, three times they said hello.
She wished every night for a way to get closer.

Her wish is answered, he’s alone.
And all she can do is watch from afar,
Her courage flying away on a laughing cherub’s wings.
Before long, a golden bell rings
He looks up from his books and checks the time.
In another moment he’s left.
She looks at the table where he had been, curses herself
Her resolve, her bleeding heart.
Then closes the library, drowning in regret,
Packs up her wishes of moonlit nights and love letters
And silently washes away.