my aesthetic

pink, cherry blossom, and japan image rainbow, book, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It alternative and sky image

My style

clothes, fashion, and outfit image fashion, pink, and pastel image fashion, style, and outfit image plants image hair, girl, and style image accessories, rings, and nails image

my favorite color

blue, theme, and indie image Image removed blue, waves, and sea image travel, sky, and clouds image

my hobbies


art, planet, and drawing image flowers, art, and drawing image


yellow, board, and pastel image aesthetic, alternative, and checkered image


grunge and pink image soft image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by 「 いつも 」

my vibes

fun, naked, and summer image girl, sun, and nature image flowers, girl, and nature image love, couple, and photography image

my personality

young god, quotes, and halsey image wallpaper, marble, and quotes image video, kpop as movies, and aesthetic image cigarette, quote, and smoke image kiss, quotes, and prince image grunge, pale, and quote image asian, caps, and Korean Drama image drama, funny, and korea image goblin, Korean Drama, and kpop image

My favorite animals

otter, cute, and art image adorable, art, and english image
otters are literally my soul animal.
lion, art, and drawing image art, lion, and drawing image
Everyone says I am a lion.
alpaca, cuddle, and friend image art, childrens art, and decor image
llama's are plain out adorable.

my favorite food

baby, food, and icecream image Image by - jessica - food, strawberry, and chocolate image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

my favorite books

book, alice, and alice in wonderland image
This is such a classic.
book image
The whole series is well written.

My favorite movie

cyber, cyberpunk, and night image