a - age

i'm 16 (in almost 10 days I'll be 17

b - best movie

Dirty dancing - Havana Nights probably

c - current time

I live in Italy, 10:39 p.m.

d - drink you last had


e - everyday starts with...

my alarm going off

f - favorite song

Wishlist - Pearl Jam

g - grossest memory

someone puking next to me

h - height

162 cm

i - in love with

I'm in love with music, photography, history, plants

j - jealous

Of the people who are always productive and motivated

k - killed someone?


l - last time you cried?


m - middle name

I don’t have one

n - number of siblings


o - one wish

Have a happy life

p - person you last called / texted

My professor

q - questions you’re always asked

"how was school?"
"how are you?"
"can you help me?"

r - reasons to smile

Even just a daisy

s - song you last sang

Perfect - Ed Sheeran

t - time you woke up

7 o'clock

u - underwear color


v - vacation place(s)

I've been to Holland ans Switzerland

w - worst habit

Changing minds often

x - x-rays you’ve had

All my body

y - your favorite food


z - zodiac sign