Hello, second tag for today. This is the ABC tag, this will tell more about me and my living. Hope you enjoy this and hope you'll leave a like and a follow.

I'm right now 17 soon to be 18.

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B- Best Movies
I love many movies, like MANY. But I mostly watch Disney, HP, horror or something alike that

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C- Current Time
It's 21:45/09:45PM

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D- Drink You Last Had

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E- Everyday Starts With
Waking up

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F- Favourite Song
Same as Movies I have so many, so many lists and songs on Spotify and It always changes but I mostly listens to Pop and a bit of Rap

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G- Grossest Memory
My dog puked in my bed while I was sleeping

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H- Height
Im around 5'5 ft

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I- In Love With
Animals, Photography, Movies/Series and Traveling

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J- Jealous
Sometimes I'm very Jealous

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K- Killed Someone
Never in person, many in mind

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L- Last Time You Cried
Today, from laughing to much if that counts

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M- Middle Name

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N- Number Of Siblings

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O- One Wish
To get a perfect life, in my perspective

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P- Person You Last Called/Texted
A friend of mine

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Q- Question You're Always Asked

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R- Reasons To Smile
Because smiles are contagious

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S- Song You Last Sang
Side to Side- Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

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T- Time You Woke Up

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U- Underwear Color

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V- Vacation Place(s)
I've been to London, Norway and Riga

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W- Worst Habit
Clumsy, Forgetting Much and Lazy

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X- X-rays you've had

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