hey lovelies, this is the last article I'm writing in my mini 'music articles series' on my WHI! my music taste has changed SO much since the start of last year so it was so fun to make these music articles :)

I think my next mini series will be either disney related or tip related!! But without further ado, here are 12 artists with songs I absolutely LOVEEEEE.

bea miller

my FAVOURITE artist right now!!!

bea miller image adidas, shoes, and grunge image
my favourite songs of hers; buy me diamonds, warmer, s.l.u.t


blackbear image pink, fun, and pastel image
my favourite songs of his; do re mi, anxiety, chateau

camila cabello

camila cabello and camila image skin, choker, and grunge image
favourite songs of hers; omg, she loves control, havana (remix)


mike posner, blackbear, and mansionz image etsy, bright green, and st patricks earrings image
favourite songs of theirs; dennis rodman, gorgeous, strip club

billie ellish

billie eilish, girl, and billie image Image by cassie ☾
favourite songs of hers; &burn, idontwannabeyouanymore, bellyache

jai waetford

waetford and jai image blue, ice, and aesthetic image
favourite songs of his; we don't have to, champagne, girl with a suntan


shakira image hair, blonde, and bun image
favourite songs of hers; deja vu, la tortura, la bicicleta

marc e. bassy

marc, phone, and red image red, girl, and heart image
favourite songs of his; you & me, til I get found

taylor buono

blue, girl, and yellow image summer, ocean, and beach image
favourite songs of hers; technically single, fine


Image removed nickmara, prettymuch, and zionkuwonu image
favourite songs of theirs; would you mind, no more, teacher

thank you so much for reading my article! I hope you found some new artists to listen to and liked my mini aesthetics of each of them. if you liked this article, you should check out my other ones!! (shameless self promo ahaha)