List 10 songs that you're loving right now

01 -Teacher by Prettymuch

Image removed prettymuch image

02 - Perfect by Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran image ed sheeran image

03 - These Girls by Why Don't We

why don't we image band, boys, and music image

04 - Whoever He Is by New Hope Club

george smith, blake richardson, and nhc image george smith, blake richardson, and reece bibby image

05 - Marie by Slimane (It's a french song)

beard, boys, and brown hair image black, black and white, and boy image

06 - Enamorate (English Version) by Dvicio

dvicio image dvicio image

07 - Acapella by Chase Goehring

chase goehring and chaser image chaser and chase goehring image

08 - I'll Stand By You by Glee Cast (Season 5 Version)

glee, mercedes jones, and gleekcaps image glee, finn hudson, and cory monteith image

09 - Home Alone by Franke

singer and franke image singer and franke image

10 - Does Your Mama Know by Mark Dohner

mark dohner image mark dohner image

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