One of the most beautiful things about Internet is finding people from other parts of the world you can identify with, that help you to keep your feet on the earth.

My good friend @alana_mae_m created the amazing #StayWithMe Initiative to create a community to help people dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, etc.

As a part of it, and as someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression before, I wanted to write a letter, remembering to all the angels out there that you´re not alone. And you´ll never be.

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My dear people:

I know it scares. I know how it feels to believe that you´re the only person in the world, that no one cares about you, or that maybe, if you disappear, the world will be better. I know the feeling when the world is closing around you, trapping you in a cage made of iron; when you feel you can´t breathe or move, prisoner of your own body, who feels in danger even though there´s nothing happening. And that´s the problem, nothing´s happening.

Life is difficult. Some of us were born to live atrocious stuff, feel the pain in the skin, the terror in our throats. And, yes, it´s unfair. And yes, you feel that you can´t hold on any longer.

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But maybe you can. Maybe life hasn´t given you a signal to keep going on. But maybe this is one.

Remember the past, remember everything you have been through. You´re strong, you´re brave, you´re amazing, because you survive until today. Answers will come, your happiness will be back and you´ll be the winner of this battle.

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Just Hold On

I know it feels stupid when people tells you that, but they´re right. Tests don´t last forever, and either does pain. And you´re not alone. Whatever you´re problem is, you have me and you have the people in this project. You can talk to me (or us) at any time).

You also have friends, and if you don´t feel it, you don´t necessary need to talk about what´s going on (I know it can be very difficult). You just need to ask them to go for a walk, laugh with them, or even just ask for a hug. It´s not a lot, but it helps.
if you don´t feel like it, look on WHI for articles. There are a lot of articles out there that express your feelings and can help you feel better.

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Another tip I can give is to keep your mind busy. You can read some books, listen music, watch some comedy series or lifestyle YouTube videos. You can get some new hobbies, or get into art. Learning about photography, painting, dancing and writing can help you to express your feelings and be distracted. Eating good can help too.

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As the song "Hold On" by Extreme Music says:

You´ve got stars in your eyes, so let´s paint the sky.

Maybe you can´t change your life, or the things you need to live, but you can create your resistance and fight as the warrior you are. Life is amazing once you become a winner.And you are so close, just hold on

Love, Selena.

If you need someone to talk to or you want to join the initiative, send a postcard to @alana_mae_m or click the article below:

"You´re not alone" and Motivational YouTube videos:

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