Hey guys.

Welcome back. It´s done. I survived day 3 (2min walk, 2min run: repeat 2 times)!
Actually I didn´t felt any pain this morning, no pain at all.

But after the run my legs still hurt the same, wich isn´t bad, because when I do it right the pain only means that it is working.
While running I felt like I couldn´t go any further today, but I pushed trough and it felt good to not give up, just because I felt my legs.

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After all doing sport is like 99% mental, because your body won´t push, where your mind doesn´t go!

I would prefer somebody to run with me, but since nobody wants to I have to do this alone, wich is okay, because I really want this and knowing, that I´m gonna write an article about how I feel and my thoughts, gives me even more motivaion to actually get up and run, no matter the weather.

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Also eating felt much easier today. I didn´t had the impulse to it chips or sweets.

Instead I ate my yoghurt with some sliced banana and corn flakes. Also I ate no snacks today, wich is for me a big step.
Also I recommend drinking tea without sugar or just a little ad of honey. Eery tea will do, when you are a tea lover like I am. :)

Also, what I forgot to mention yesterday. Not eating less is the key to lose way, when you wanna do it the healthy way.
Eating rigth and the right amount of food is important.

Stay strong.


My last article.