"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything."

Hey! Today in this article I'm going to talk about, which I think, are the best songs ever.


So this song is my dad's all-time favourite, and he ended up getting me to like it. The lyrics of this song are amazing and have such a deep meaning, plus the guitar solo is unique.

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Is all about how the name of your street tells about your wealth.

CHASING CARS by Snow Patrol

I also love this song and its meaning, is so beautiful and I hope someone would dedicate it to me. This is the band's most famous song, but they also have some others that are pretty good too.Plus I feel that this song is the song to listen while midnight driving -maybe I'm just crazy.

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Okay, this might sound like crazy-teenager-fangirl shit but I promise it is not. I've been listening to this song for years and I never get tired of it, which is quite difficult to me. Whenever I hear this song so many things come to my mind and it always makes me feel good. I don't even know how to explain it, this song it's like home and listening to it's comforting - okay, maybe I do sound crazy.

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This song always gets to break my heart a little too.


This song has also such beautiful lyrics and some live performaces are amazing. This band is truly amazing and I love lots of their songs, but for me this is the best one (maybe sounds cliché but is true). I would also recommend fallingforyou or Robbers.

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Plus the whole aesthetic of their CD and theirs in general is amazing.

KISS ME by Ed Sheeran

I feel like not a lot of people knows this song but is my favourite from Ed. When the song starts and he whispers is just perfect. I think is a more personal song and there's a connection with the one who's listening that his more commercial songs don't have.

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SATURN by Sleeping at last

I have never met somenone who knows this song, but it's just amazing. The lyrics again are sobeautiful and touchy and the music is -I got goosebumps just by thinking it- incredible. So please, if you like the other songs just give this one a try. Plus this group has all of their songs amazingly done.

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"That the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes".