Sooo what I am going to say right now may sound really cliche and stupid to you but I think we should love our perfect imperfections. But why do I call them perfect if they are imperfect,right?
The answer is because they makes us so individual. We all have our weird and bad habits or obsessions. We all have our strengths, weaknesses and fears but that is exactly what makes us a human being. First we have to accept our weaknesses and fears before we can actually work on them and try to change them. Instead of hating or criticizing them try to accept them and be like: "Yeah I'm not really good at.... but I'm going to work on it." Nobody is perfect right from the beginning. I am not saying perfect human beings exist but what I mean with perfect is just a better version of ourselves. In that moment you just feel perfect. I think accepting your imperfections can also help us to gain more confidence because you know how you are, you feel more safe and comfortable wit yourself.
Also I think everyone knows that moment when you see a "perfect" girl or boy on social media and you are like yesss I'm going to change everything and be like her/him: work out, stop eating sweets, lose weight, do yoga and so onnn.
But that shouldn't be the way we think when we see people on social media. If we want to change ourselves we should just take small steps. If you love chocolate ( I dooo) just try to eat less or if you hate to work out ( I doooo) just start with one work out per week. Take small steps. You have enough time. Don't rush yourself. Just start with one thing. Don't push yourself too hard. In the end you will just give up and we don't want that, right?
Thank you sooo much for reading this article.