XOXO to the lovely followers of my “DANCE! (don’t think)” collection!!

I never imagined this collection would be so popular so quickly! You guys really like dancing!

I love to dance, but I’m really NOT a great dancer. I get lost doing the Macarena, and line dances are waaaay too complicated for me HaHa! I took a few different classes but I was less than an average student: a little ballet, some jazz, some belly dance. My personal dance style is very simple and easy to do: the bump & grind, and lots of booty shaking. What’s yours??

That’s the message of this collection, use what you’ve got and enjoy it. I was always uncomfortable dancing until I stopped thinking about it so much. I had to stop the negative voice in my head before I felt ok enough to move my body freely.

Girls - never feel ashamed, or too shy, to get up and shake your butt. Nobody really gives a fuck anyway, the only negative voice is inside you. So, work your wiggle. Show off what you can do with that ass! And I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Here’s a little something for you, a short playlist of some of my favorite songs to dance to. It’s my first playlist on Spotify. What do you think?? Did I miss one of your favorites?? Send me a message and let me know :) And turn it the fuck up! xoxoxo -nikki

1. DO MY DANCE - Tyga
2. YEAH! - Usher
4. MAKE HER SAY (BEAT IT UP) - Estelle
5. BOOTY SHORTS - Gucci Mane
6. RATHER F**** YOU - Akinyele
7. ME SO HORNY - 2 Live Crew