this is part one of my series on what to wear, and this part will be a casual outfit. pretty basic - and you probably, atleast almost, have every piece in your closet!


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JEANS - grab a pair of jeans, if you don't have blue jeans - don't worry, a pair of black jeans will do!
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GRAPHIC TEES - bring out a tee! some merch, maybe a pyjama top, just get out a printed, graphic tee!
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JACKET - okay, so it's a bit chilly? you want your outfit to really be a look? it's WHATEVER, a denim jacket always looks good. or a sweatshirt. or maybe a leather jacket?
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SHOES - honestly, just grab your faves and go! sneakers? yes! boots? yes!! heels? yes!!!
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ACCESSORIES - make a statement with some jewellery!
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BAG - you gots' some things to carry? cool. a bag can help you carry those things and pull the outfit together; just make sure you have a bag to fit your needs.
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SOMETHING'S MISSING? - do you feel too exposed? is it freezing where you are? is the sun burning your eyes, as the vampire you are? do you want to hide from the rest of the world? got you. pull on some shades, a hat, a cap, a beanie? if it's cold, get a big jacket on. like a puffer jacket, and yes you can layer a puffer jacket on top of a jean jacket.


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i hope this helped you and gave you some inspiration on what to wear for a casual go out as the princess you are, xoxo trxvicxl