1. Go on a sport match

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you can go with your friends or alone. you will not think about school during the match because there is no time for it haha

2. Play videogames

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just play your fave game and chill out with good music

3. Create a new playlist

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exploring new songs and genres is so relaxing!

4. Get inspired

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use we heart it, instagram, pinterest. create a vision board. it will help you to stay motivated and inspired

5. Meet with a friend you haven´t seen for a long time

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talk about news in each other´s lifes, memories and future

6. A night in city

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take your friends and have an awesome party night

7. Spa

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make a face mask and relax in bathtub with good book or music

8. Sleep

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take a blanket and go straight to the bed. it´s the best way to rest

hope this article helped you (: