In the following article I will be listing my all time favourite book series, in no peculiar order.

1. The Harry Potter series

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I absolutely love this series, I first watched the films when I was younger and then I ended up listening to all the audio books. I then became obsessed with Harry Potter and I still am.

2. The Enemy series

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I actually just finished the last book to this series today, and I’m so glad that I read all the books. I’ve never cried so much at a book as I did with the 3rd book in the enemy series. I love how Charlie Higson (the author) makes you love all these characters so much, but what I hate is he goes and kills them off, which makes me love the books even more because if it can make me cry so much with emotion that is definitely saying something about the series. Not a lot of people know this series which is a bit upsetting because I think everyone should read it. It is about how everyone over 14 got a disease and now all that is left is the kids that are trying to survive and the diseased who are still alive and hunting for the kids.

3. The Percy Jackson series

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I loved this series, I read it a few years ago and I’m starting to want to reread it. It was amazing and I loved it so much, the characters where everything and where really strong and important, I loved them all.

4. The school for good and evil series

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This series is my everything, the story is amazing and I love everything about it. If you love fantasy then you will definitely love the school for good and evil.