Day 24. 5 things you like to do with friends

I like to do lots of things with my friends.
Before my son I was free to go whenever I want but now I prefer to ask friends at my house or I go out but I have limited time. So it's so different now. And it's not just because of my son but also my best friend is married before me so it's not that easy to go out :)
Anyways here is my list what i like to do with my friends :)

1. Go to coffee

coffee, food, and friends image

2. Go to cinema

cinema, movie, and popcorn image

3. Gossip (Every girls favorite :P)

4. Shopping

best friends, girls, and friends image

5. Just talk about life
This is the part where I like to ask my friends at my house or I go to their house and we have coffee, good snacks and no one else around us so we can talk about anything..and that's awesome! :)

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