Hello you beautiful,
ummm okay so today I want to share all the small yet important things that I want in my life and I'm pretty sure you will also agree on all or some of these.This is nothing philosophic just little simple things that every girl wants to have.

Gorgeous hair
hair and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and braid image hair, style, and beautiful image curls, hair, and long image
long or short we all want our hair to look good all time every time. To have long beautiful hair is my ultimate goal.
Beautiful skin
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To have healthy beautiful skin is a major major want.
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I love iPhone and I want the latest one all the time in rose gold to be more precise.
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I mean wo doesn't want more and more of new makeup,Right?
Visit paris
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we all have a dream destination ,Paris is mine ,whats yours?
To go to Disneyland
girls image disney and disneyland image girl and disney image disney, quotes, and Dream image
I badly wanna go to Disneyland once in my life and also a picture in that cute hairband :p
I want my birthdays to be celebrated
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So I'm someone who never gest a call at 12 am, no one changes their DP for me , never received any surprise or gift. I don't want much just my friends to be around , a cute little birthday cake and may be some balloons , that's it.
A cute relationship
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a cute relationship , a caring and loving partner.
A friend who takes pretty pictures of me ,lol
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This one may sound stupid but I'm really jealous of those girls who have such amazing pictures of them being taken on routine basis and those cute candid pics, I want :'(
I want my mom to be Happy , Always!
A cute bedroom
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Nothing too extra, just a cozy lil space for me and my dreams!
Cute clothes & lots of shoes
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How can I even forget this , a major major want for every girl!
eye, make up, and makeup image expensive, luxury, and tumbrl image quotes, mascara, and beauty image inspo, mascara, and words image
Mascara is not makeup for me its my bae , I want all the good mascaras that are out there, I wear mascara all day everyday. Love mascaras!

When I started writing this I didn't think it would be this long and trust me I can write a few more , But this is it for now.

leave a like if u too want all or any of these in your life.
Until next time. :)