Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.
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Today I've spent an amazing afternoon with a few friends of mine, and this gave me the chance to think about friendship, especially about what being a group means. I firmly believe that, yes, "who finds a friend, finds a treasure", but finding and building a group of friends is truly one of the best things that could ever happen to us. And I'm going to tell you why in a few lines, so keep reading on!

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  • A group is... Strength

We all have different personalities, someone a stronger one, someone a "weaker" one, but in any case we are not able to do it alone. What do I mean by "do it"? Well, pretty everything: to live, to overcome the obstacles we have to face everyday, to go through hard times, but to enjoy the good ones too. We can't do it alone. And that's one of the reason why friends are so important. That's also why it is said that

Unity is strength
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Our friends support us, always, no matter what happens to us, they are always there for us. Doesn't matter if we need to cry or to laugh, to tell a bad or a good news, they listen, don't judge and try to help us. So they give us the strength to deal with everyday difficulties and also with ourselves, our regrets, our guilt fellings, our "what if"s.

  • A group is... Unforgettable Moments
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On holiday or at school, at work or at the supermarket, or wherever you like, every place is the right place to spend a beautiful moment together, a moment when everything is simply perfect, all the bad and sad feelings fade away to make room for happiness and laughs! And moments like this are nothing rare in a great friendship, but everytime they're something new and special, different from the ones before.

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The best way to remember all these amazing memories? Take a lot of pics of us and our friends! Taking photos is great and can make a lot of fun, but, more important, it is something we can enjoy in the following years, too! Have you ever found all photos of your childhood and spent some time looking at them? Wasn't it fun?!

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Watching pics of old memories made with friends is exactly the same, or even better! Furthermore trying to recreate a photo you found on Instagram or here on WHI is a great funny idea to enjoy your free time with your group! You want an example? Look below!

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  • A group is... Fun!
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I know this point is very similar to the previous one, but really friends are so much fun, and laughs, and good vibes, and good feelings, and good... everything! Of course loneliness is good too, sometimes, it is so relaxing and there are a few days or moments when staying alone is the only thing that works and makes us feel better.

[ I made a list of the best activities to do when you're alone with yourself, you can check it out down here: ]

But I believe that there's nothing on Earth like being with the ones you love and get along most!

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And happiness is so fundamental for our wellness. I'm not talking about our mood only, I'm talking about our mental and physical health, since it's proved that the chemical substances our body relaeses when we're happy are good for our heart and, in general, for our biological mechanisms to work well.

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So, people, let's be happy and spend more time with our friends!


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