Aesthetics is a difficult word to understand. According to dictionaries, it means a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. However, today the word defines a concept much broader. It is almost a lifestyle, a way of living, understanding, and admiring things.

Defining your aesthetics takes years. Since you're constantly changing, your aesthetics changes with you. However, I came to realize that at some point your aesthetic won't change but only grow.To know exactly what aesthetic you have, you have to get to know yourself better.

1. Define your hobbies.

Hobbies are a great way to reflect your personality and world-viewing. They can help to see which qualities you find pleasing and which you don't.

My hobbies include reading and writing since I'm a huge fan of literature. I love watching movies and admiring cinematography, educating and advocating on social issues, dancing, listening to music and keeping up with the pop culture, and looking after my body.

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2. Define your favorite things.

Aesthetics is about the small things. Pay close attention to what makes you happy, what you love. I can be the strangest things ever, but that doesn't matter. Things you love define you as a person, so don't ignore them.

I love early mornings. I love shadows. I love autumn and winter. I love the being on a plane and the feeling of unknowingness. I love being curious and laughing so hard that it makes me look silly. I love books lying all around the room and people who remind me of art. I LOVE tea and all things antique.

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3. Define your interests.

Things you enjoy learning about are more important than you think. Knowledge is a part of your aesthetics, so ask yourself: what do you like knowing about? Or what do you know a lot about?

I love literature. I love history. I love physics and biology. I love learning languages and knowing more about various cultures. I am also very interested in psychology and botany, and art history. Also classical music and ballet!

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4. Define your emotions

What we feel very well defines us as people. The tricky part about this is that we often find it hard to understand what we feel. Take time to realize and accept your emotions and let them help you define who you are.

I am a pretty aggressive person, to be honest. This is a trait I find negative, but also a trait I can't control. I am currently trying to learn how to control it better. Aside from that, I am very passionate and hopeful. I am a dreamer and a good leader. I am sometimes reckless and rebellious, but I am inspiring. I am very hurt and upset but I direct that towards art.

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