I endeavored to make myself better
I endeavored to make myself much more acceptable
I endeavored to surmount all my obstacles on my my own
I ceased crying for heart breaks
And ceased cerebrating that they will be my cessation
Because you only told me
It wont matter that much if your heart is torn
That your mind will be your decease
But honey
It surprisingly does matter
Having your love tell you that
Stop taking them for granted
While you care about them more than yourself
Having him tell you that
He wont be there when you screw up next
That you’re on his last chance
That their will be no more sorry
Or any please
It will be the end
Our end
The wall has been built
And having them tell you
That the bricks of the wall were
Thrown at them by us
It breaks us further
It executes all the rainbows in our mind
All the hope
And eventually our mind
Our mind goes out of our control
It goes into his control
And then way he had end our cognation
Our mind tells our body to do the same with our soul.