There will be times when you will want to give up everything and everyone. Believe, from experience, this is only a phase, and if it is not a phase, believe me, it will be one, because nothing is forever and everything passes. Is not that what they say? A little cliche, I know. But, think with me. If we are here, we are for something, and if we are for something, this something will happen, it may not last forever, it may be momentary, it may be something good, something bad, but it will happen. Ask me now how I know that. I can not speak for others, but I can talk about the experiences that I had, and believe again your purpose will come, maybe it has already arrived, maybe it will take time, but I WILL arrive.

I started making rules for myself, if I could keep going? I really do not know. But if I've looked at her whenever I'm sad, always when she does not love me, she's not fine with me, when she's not feeling peace ... maybe she works.

1 - If you love, you are suffering, you are important, you have a purpose in the world, you are special, you are strong, you are unique and incredible.

2- When you feel sad, read these rules, it may help you, it may not help, but if you do not help, reread and try.

3- What is wrong with loving yourself? look in the mirror no matter how beautiful you look, you are. so beautiful in her way, a beautiful girl, a rare star.

4- Do not feel peace? There are several ways to find it but I will tell you mine; do something you love, you love, you feel comfortable, your peace is in the moments that make you smile.

I'm new to writing articles, I hope it helped. And remember; love yourself!!