I clearly remember the first time I met you. We were going to a camp with our new school. You didn't come with us by train, you met us in the station. You were wearing a ridiculous green slipper. When I saw you I thought who the hell is this guy? But deep down I felt something. I never believed in love at first sight, then I saw your childish face and your smile. You don't often smile.
I never liked boys in my age, I think they are childish, but you taught me it's not true. You taught me this, but you don't know. At the camp there was a game where you took off your shirt. I remember my best friend came to me and said; I hope that guy will be our classmate and I smiled. I smile every time when I think about you.

In the school we didn't talk much. You were the "bad guy", but actually you weren't. You were normal to everyone, with the teachers too. You were bad in a normal way and I admire you for that. You sat behind us and when I turned back you watched me every time. On literature you were sitting in front of me and you stared at me. When I smiled at you, you smiled back then turned away. You look so good with your stupid brown hair and those blue eyes. They are not like the ocean but for me they were.

Hey Guys! I wrote this a long time ago. Its quite a long story but if you like it I upload the rest. Give it a heart to know that you like it:)