I know, it'll take a couple months till summer, but nothing can stop me dreaming about it. It's my fav time of the year, probably cause there are no more homework or projects waiting to be done. Finally, a little peace for me :P
It's just me, myself & I... No, no, no. There are all of us: me, my family & of course my friends, waiting to explore new adventures and to create unforgettable memories ♡

Don't you think in the same way like me? I'm sure you all do. Here are some good reasons why...

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1. Freedom ♡

Like I mention before, no homework or projects anymore (Ryming :P) After a year full of tenssion, finally, you can take a break and relive your mind & spirit from all the stress. Don't waste this precious opportunity.

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2. Summer wardrobe ♡

Finally, is summer time so we don't have to wear that heavy stuffs anymore. It's like a dream come true ♡
Btw, I really love organizing my wardrobe & putting in order my summer clothes. But I am not the only one who is happy, my mum is, too. My wardrobe won't be a mess anymore 😂

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3. Family time ♡

Like I mentioned, everyone of us deserves a break to relive the mind & spirit from all the stress. What's the best solution? Spending time with your loved ones, for sure.

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4. BFF adventures ♡

Probably, all the "school year" , you didn't have the chance to organize that crazy pyjama party. Anyway, leave the past behind and enjoy the present. A lot of adventures are waiting for you.

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5. Summer festivals ♡

This is what I am talking about.
Fortunately, I live in Berat and every summer afternoon me & my friends hang out at the city center. We have the best time, especially where there are music festivals. Enjoying the music till 12:00 AM, for what can I ask more??

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