So I am one of those people who enjoy eating healthy and also enjoy preparing healthy meals. My absolute favourite meal of the day is breakfast (why can't we have breakfast for every meal of the day, seriously 😍😋). Okay so the thing is that I wanted to share with you my favourite easy and those a little more complicated breakfasts which take a bit more time (but hey, everything for a good and delicious breakfast, right? 😄)

1. Oatmeal

Everybody gets tired of eating plain oatmeal at some point. Talking from experience here. So here are some idies how I spice it up a bit...
🍫 put some cacao powder or dark chocolate in the porridge for a chocolate taste
🍌 mash a half a banana (or the whole thing but I like to top my porridge with the other half) in the porridge
🍯 put peanut butter (or any nut butter you prefer) on top (just the best thing ever, I love peanut butter 😍)
🍏 slice up an apple and add it to the porridge (love this in the winter)
🍫 love topping my porridge with coconut flakes, cacao nibs and a sweetener of choice (some type of syrup like agave, etc.)
🍼 you can also pu a splash of your favourite milk on it

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2. Peanut butter toast

My choices toppings for a peanut butter toast:
🍌 banana slices
🌴 coconut flakes
🍫 cacao powder
🍯 sweetener of choice

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3. Avocado toast

I like to mash the avocado with a pinch of salt, pepper and lemon juice.
My choices of avocado toast toppings:
🍅 sliced tomato
🍳 boiled or sunny-side up egg
- (my current obsession) eating pickles on the side

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4. Chia pudding

My ratio between chia seeds and milk (liquid) is 2 tbsp : 200ml milk.
My addings to chia pudding:
🍌 mashed banana
🍵 a matcha coconut mix (I bought this in the store)
✅ some vanilla extract
🍫 cacao or coconut powder
topping: skyr (similar to greek yogurt, I like to buy it because it's way cheaper than greek and the nutrition is similar), fruit, coconut flakes, cacao nibs ...

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5. Pancakes/crepes

There are so many great recipes for healthy wholegrain pancakes or those banana ones (2 eggs, 1 banana) or wholegrain crepes.
My favourite toppings for pancakes:
🍌 banana slices (sometimes berries)
🍯 peanut butter
🍯 protein sread (dark chocolate or white chocolate)
🌴 coconut flakes
🍫 cacao powder
🍯 sweetener of choice

My favourite crepe fillings:
✅ cottage cheese (you can swap it with yogurt)
🍯 peanut butter
🌰 some kind of nuts (makes it crunchy)
🍌 banana slices or berries

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Hope you like my ideas.
Would love a good feedback so I know if I continue writing articles like this.

P.S. If you have any suggestions on what kind of article should I write next write me or send me a postcard. Ty x
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