Do you love yourself? If it is affirmative, do you care about it? I will tell you some stuff I do everyday to show my own love to myself.

Listen to music.

Music makes us feel excelent, and in a good mood. Doesn't matter what you do, put in a playlist

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Dress up & Make up.

Make yourself shine, makes you feel in a good mood.

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Do what you love.

It is write? Take photos? Write post? Make music? Play an instrument? Do it! Fill your day with activities that keep you growing.

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Care about your health.

Do excercise and have a healthy diet makes us feel good. Relax in bath, sleep well, repeat.

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Make a moodboard with all the pics that can help you achieve your golas and dreams!

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Stay away from negative.

Say bye to bad vibes, and live life as you want!

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Thanks for read my article, sweetie

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