The colour of your hair is your identity and when you choose to change it you can become a different person! You can add highlights, baby lights, or go for a complete entire head dye – hair colour ideas for 2018 are beautiful and inspiring, and this year’s shades are dark and sultry or warm and cosy. Take a look at some of the best hair colour trends 2018 to try this year:

Chestnut Browns

These can be a great option as a full hair colour or highlights with incredible and natural looking shades that are electric and balanced. From reddish and chocolate hues to really dark browns with lighter highlights, browns are certainly no longer boring!

Spiced Cider
Say hello to one of the hottest hair colour trends of 2018 with this mix of cinnamon copper and blonde highlights that give the appearance of ashy blonde warm tones throughout.

Acid Colours
Inspired by neon and electric 80’s hair is going technicolour! Brighter and bolder shades include deep tints of red, warm orangey tones, and gold based colours. A pop of green works equally well as an accent highlight for light hair or an interior highlight on darker hair.

Jewel Tones
Fuschia, emerald and sapphire, pink and purple are all beach-ready looks that embrace the mermaid look! Rich colours are perfect for very dark hair and pale blonde bases alike.

Subtle Balayage
Tiger eye is a stunning mix of honey, amber, and soft brown painted with the balayage technique. The colours also grow out very subtly without leaving any harsh roots. Natural looking caramel balayage keeps the base natural and gently lightens the tips with delicate highlights. Burnt orange tips create a beautiful contrast with any dark shade, whilst rose gold adds a sophisticated touch to your strands.

Golden Ombre
This gradual change in colour from the crown of the head to the extra-blond ends is a gorgeous New Year new hair colour!

Face-framing highlights are hand-painted and foil-free making them look completely natural, and produced by the sun. For greying hair opt for smoky grey or charcoal, and cinnamon caramel swirls are perfect for brunettes.
For black or brunette hair try mulled wine, burgundy, deep mahogany, or dark maroon for sultry shading, and blondes this year can go for a softer side of platinum with pearl blonde.

These softer than soft highlights are the prettiest way to update your colour. Golden hair colour such as cream soda is a honey hued shade between brunette and blonde, and rainbow roots simply melt into your natural hair colour. Buttery blondes and chocolate mauves will be two of the most popular hair colours of the year.

Your Hair Colouring Service
Choose a reputable hair salon with stylists who’ve got years of experience in delivering colours and highlights. With their skill and technology you’ll be able to choose from a unique set of colours that give rich and vibrant hues that don’t fade, and leave your hair full of body and looking completely natural. Welcome to the new you!

All the Information + images has been happily provided by Frankie Cochrane Hair Salon