I am an Angel. I wear sparkly lipgloss and drink Champagne from gold-rimmed flute glasses. But sometimes I fear that my richness is vanishing. My little waves of rage and hate overtime build up to massive wave, that can take out anything in its path. all my friends are the rich, pure honey at the bottom of the cup, and i am the cold drops of milk on the side. I know I say i am an angel, but i do not feel the purity of it. The devil used to be Gods favorite angel, but then became his enemy. I am currently everyones favorite, but what if i turn into a thought in their heads that makes them think the same devilish thoughts that i think? as she takes a draw form her cigarette, the smoke joints the other fumes in the air and becomes one. Am I supposed to be the smoke? Sometimes I have thoughts that makes my wings burn. I fear that I am loosing my purity. h e l p.