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So first of all I want to say that this is my very first article here in WHI soooo bare with me please, hope it goes well lol.

I'm very aware that the year has already started, this is why now is the hardest moment to accomplish our goals. I don't know about you but January was my free trial- month if you know what i mean. I was very chill and wasn't doing much with the goals i set back in December!

I know is HARD to be able of balancing school, work, social life, etc with our own personal goals but trust me on this one because the feeling of getting something done is U N R E A L!

That's why here are some simple tips I hope you find useful whenever you want to achieve something.

TIP #1

Don't be afraid of dreaming big!

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Are you going to take the risk? Or are you going to let your fears guide your life?

Usually people dont make purposes for the year because they' re afraid they are going to fail, they're afraid they arent going to be able to do something. The truth is that it doesnt matter how much you accomplish your goal, what matters is that you get started! The rest is going to be easier, i promise!

TIP #2

Be very specific!

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I already know english, my main language is spanish, i know some turkish and im going for the german so wish me luck!

Try to narrow everything down so you don't feel lost whenever you read your list of purposes.

Example: Personally I want to learn German this year because i would love to travel the world someday and I want to be able to speak a bit of the native language in every single location (this doesn't mean i need to speak fluent german by the end of the year). I'm going to establish weekly goals, i want to practice three times a week for three hours and i'm going to compromise of writing notes and downloading apps that help me in the process (Duolingo is really good if you have this kind of goal in your life because its very easy and simple)

TIP #3

Write EVERYTHING down!

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Life's so much simpler when you're organised plus its easier to accomplish everything you want.

Sometimes we just forget things (that's life) so always carry an agenda or a notebook with you so you could write all your ideas down. This way nothing is going to slip out of your mind PLUS we need to constantly see things so make it visual. We need constant reminders of what our plans for the future are.

I did a list for my purposes and decided to print them out and paste them on cardboard, i hung the purposes on a blakboard and placed it in my room so im constantly being reminded that i have work to do every single day.

TIP #4

Have your own goals!

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I really want to surf someday and I would love to practice volleyball.

Don't give a damn if everybody else's purposes is to be fit! If you want to be better at a sport or if you want to learn a new language is totally fine. You dont need permission of anybody and everybody is different. So dont feel bad whenever you see every single girl in the cafeteria eating salad (because your goal isnt being fit). -> Fun fact: this is the first year im not focus on being fit, totally fine.

TIP #5

Share your achievements!

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Tell everyone that would be truly happy for you.

Everytime you get something done share it with your bestfriend, boyfriend, mom! They are going to inspire you and motivate you to keep going and you will feel 10x times stronger and capable of doing things once you see the results of your hard work (it becomes kind of addicting, actually)

TIP #6


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Its okay to have breakdowns or to be too tired to do something on your list. Chill! Your purposes aren´t going to fade if you decide to put them aside for the while. Don't bail on them but a little break is okay for our physic and mental health. Don´t be so harsh on yourself because at the end of the day we are just humans and we have flaws soooo embrace it :) Just keep moving, you can do this!

I hope you really like it, i'm planning of sharing my personal purposes to give you ideas in case you haven't set your own ones. LET ME KNOW PLEASE!