so i am a therian, one of my few friends asked me to try this.

1. theriotypes: well i aint gonna name them all cause i have quite a few but i will name my two main ones. one is an Alexander archipelago wolf and the other is a grey wolf. they both have names.

2. therian gear: well i have a real taxidermy fox tail, a dog collar, ears, fangs, and a few other things.

3. therian friends, i only have like 5 or 6 therian friends

4. pack/rank: i am an alpha in a pack of my own creation. the crimson tears wolf pack.

5. facts about your theriotype: i might make a seperate one for each of my types but i guess since the grey wolf is my main i will say a fact about her...she has blue eyes. that is a counts...right?

6. first/favorite shift: my first shift was when i was 10, i mental shifted which is also my fave shift.

7. favorite thing about being therian: the shifts

8. 5 facts about you: i am wiccan, i tend to have spouts of depression, i like to roleplay, i dont get along well with others, i hate most other humans.

9. has therianthropy changed your life: in some ways yes

10. awakening story, i had already been awakened for 2 years but didnt figure it out til i reached the age of 12