Like every morning, the sun rose and peeked out of his window.
He got up heavily and stretched. His eyes were still somewhat swollen from the short night he had had ... his insomnia did not go away.
But anyway, he suddenly remembered what day it was and smiled goofyly. Although he was very sleepy and his head was almost always full of stories and extravagant thoughts, he was happy.

As always, he descended the three floors by the stairs, it was almost his only daily exercise. His light footsteps, his black hair freshly washed and combed, his smile shy but constant: Everything was for her.

He crossed 29th Street with his guitar on his shoulder, greeted the kind lady at the shop in front of his house and headed toward 24th Street.
When he got there, he greeted her mother, who was in the garden.

"Hello Arthur!" She said with a warm smile as she wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand ... "Go ahead, come in. Why are you staying there?"
Arthur could not contain a laugh as he opened the gate.

"What a pleasure to see you boy" She said with a great smile. "I thought you would never return"

"I would never do that" he said with a sad feeling in his heart, but even though, he smiled to her.

He opened the heavy wooden door with effort and passed. Her father was in the kitchen with a coffee in his hand and a small book next to him.
When he saw Arthur, he got up so fast that he hit the table. Arthur hurried to help him.

"Arthur! ... I did not know ... what are you doing here ... how ... how is it ..."

Arthur, heart pounding in his chest, approached him and hugged him tightly.
The man, so surprised that he had no words, returned the hug with force.

"It's good that you're back, son."
"I think the same, Alf." He gave him a dazzling smile.
"Go with her, she will be so happy"

His heart skipped a beat, as his breathing accelerated and a huge smile appeared.

He went to the back of the house, through the living room and some bedrooms, up the stairs.

All the memories returned, it was wonderful. He was so happy that the tears threatened to appear.

He walked to the third room. He held his breath for a moment, and then turned the knob (which was never locked). The door barely made a sound.

He walked to the wooden floor of her room. The large window gleamed with the bright summer light, the floor sofa and the television were as usual, except for a new cushion and a blanket rolled in the middle.

When he heard her breathing, he knew immediately that she was asleep. He climbed to the wooden loft by the thin ladder. When Arthur reached the top, the first thing he saw was her hand hanging by the edge of the bed, and some reddish curls.
He bit his lip and climbed up completely.



He observed her. Her beautiful skin, her long reddish lashes, her black and thick eyebrows, her long and beautiful hair, her freckless and her soft lips.
It was all so familiar. She was so familiar.

He made sure a bit of the bed was free and sat down.
Alice stirred and sighed.

"Hey," he whispered and ran the back of his hand down her cheek.

Her eyelids began to open little by little, and the intense green color of her eyes was visible to him.

When she managed to focus him well, she got up abruptly. Pearly tears appeared in her eyes.

"Arthur" she mouthed. He, seeing his name written on her lips, smiled and the tears that had been contained broke through.

She rushed at him so hard that they both almost fell off the bed.

She hugged him tight, with the warmth she always had. Now she was sobbing and repeating:

"Why did you leave? Why did you leave?"

"No. You left" He said with a dry and sad tone.

The image began to disappear, her reddish hair became cloudy and her green eyes were no longer visible ...

"No ..." Arthur whispered desperately. "NO" Now he was screaming, he was crying. "NO NO NO PLEASE NO !!" He repeated by tearing his throat.

The dream was escaping, it was getting out of hand. He could not hold it ... it was gone.

He woke up, but he was still crying and screaming desperately.
His voice faded little by little, but the emptiness in his heart was there and his eyes burned. Everything in him burned, he could not stand it. Reality had returned to him ...

She was not with him, she was not alive. She was not there, she was not alive.

"She's not alive" he said between uncontrollable sobs. "She's not alive," he said in a choked voice. "She's not alive..." He put his hand in his head and continued crying...


"It is stated that all members of the Byrne family have just died in a car accident on January 9, 2003."

Those were the only words Arthur had heard, but they were meaningless. It did not fit in his head that his best friend, soul mate ... the girl he loved was dead ... he did not understand until he saw her, so pale inside the coffin ... with her eyes closed. There he understood that he would never see the intense green of her astonishing eyes again.


Hey guys! I know this is intense, but it came out of my mind, so it's what I wrote.It's called unexpected end, because it was unexpected for me too. It was supposed to be a happy story, but my mind draw another path... a very tragic path. Btw, this is the article I was gonna publsih tomorrow, but I don't have time tomorrow, so I write it today.
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