Welcome! If you're reading this article then you must be out on the look out for a new drama recommendation, looking for something to binge watch over the course of 2 nights, or you're here to see if some of your favourites have made it on to my list too!

Without a further ado, here are some of my favourite K-dramas!

1. A Gentleman's Dignity

gentlemans image
I'd like to say that this was my very first K-drama, all the way back in 2012. This drama tells the story of a group of four men in their 40s and how they find love. I loved this drama because not only were the chemistry between the character amazing but they were all seriously funny too! Also, the plot line is pretty damn realistic!

2. The Moon That Embraces the Sun

han ga in image
Because of this drama, I realised my love for Historical Dramas. If I go into detail why, it would just reveal too many spoilers so if you're curious as to why I love this drama so much I suggest you just go and watch.

3. Rooftop Prince

Korean Drama and rooftop prince image
I love all Park Yoochun's drama and this one definitely doesn't disappoint! It's funny, light-hearted and filled with bubbling romance that had me quietly squealing in my bedroom at 3 in the morning! And also it's a mix of historical and present-day so I love it even more.

4. It's Okay That's Love

kdrama image
Omomomo, what do I say about this one. IT IS JUST AMAZING. I am completely in love. The plot, the characters, the romance, the friendship, the acting. Everything was just spot on. I laughed, I bawled my eyes out, I squealed, I was inspired. WOW. Definitely do not have anything bad to say about this drama.

5. Oh My Ghostess

love and oh my ghost image
Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk! YES YES YES YES. Bo young is so cute and Jung Suk is your man goals. This drama was so fun to watch. I loved it so much - one of the best Korean Romantic Comedy drama for sure!

6. Goong (Princess Hours)

yoon eun hye, eun hye, and dorama image
I can't. Nope, it's too much. Just thinking about what to write for this drama is just making me want to binge watch again (which I probably will), but omo. I love it. It has all your favourite things that you love about K-dramas.

7. Splash Splash Love

drama, kdrama, and kim seul gi image
Did I mention I love Historical dramas? Oh, I did? Well, did I mention I love Doojoon and Seul-gi? I'm actually so sad that this was a short drama. It's literally 2 hours long but you know what that won't stop me from making it one of my favourite dramas. This was definitely more of a rom-com. SO if you're up for something short, sweet and funny then this drama is definitely for you.

8. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Korean Drama and sungkyunkwan scandal image
My love for Park Yoochun plus Historical dramas combined into one!! What more can I say? And if you want to see young Song Joong-Ki then watch it! I loved his character here.

I definitely have more favourite dramas but this is all for now! I'm trying so hard not to fangirl and binge watch all these dramas. Recommend me some of your favourites K-dramas too! Till next time.